“RAVANI” Traditional cake delight with syrup

ravani2Ingredients for the cake:

  • Selfrising Flour 170 gr
  • Semolina 230 gr
  • Six (6) eggs (separate the yoke from the white)
  • Sugar 250 gr
  • Margarine or butter 270 gr at room temperature
  • Baking powder one (1) tsp
  • Vanillin powder 1/4 of tsp
  • Zest from one (1) orange
  • Brandy or cognac 40 gr (1 shot)
  • salt 1 pinch

Ingedients for the syrup:

  1. Water 1,3 Kgr
  2. Sugar 0,73 Kgr

Instructions for the cake:

  1. Whip the white of the eggs with a pinch of slat very well till it becomes a white foam and put it in the fridge
  2. Whip the butter together with the sugar with a mixer untill it becomes a white cream
  3. Add the the yokes one by one and contunue whipping very well untill they incorporate in the mix
  4. Add the semolina and continue whipping in a medium to low speed
  5. Sift the selfrising flour into the mixture and continue whipping at the same speed
  6. Add the baking powder
  7. Add the vanillin
  8. Add the barndy or cognac
  9. Whip for a minute at low speed till they incorparate
  10. Using a spatula add into the mixture the mareng from the eggwhites. Bare in mind that it has to be done with slow moves otherwise the air will go. (tip: add it in three portions)
  11. Put the mixture into a pan with diameter approx 30cm
  12. Bake in preheated oven at 180 degrees Celcious for 50 minutes
  13. Pour the syroup all over the cake surface slowly using a scoop (IMPORTANT: Cake must be at room temperature and syroup boiling hot)

Instructions for the syrup:

  1. Put in the sauce pan the water together with the sugar
  2. Keep it on the fire for 10 minutes after it starts boilling

Serving options:
Ideal after a rich meal or paired with coffee or tea.
Also can be served with vanilla or masticha ice cream aside.






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