Greek cuisine roots go back more than 8000 years.
It may have changed through time or it may differ from place to place, but the key ingredients remain the same.

Extra virgin olive oil, wheat, green vegetables, olives, fish, cheeses, yogurt, lamb, poultry and wine, are some of them.
Trust is the "key ingredient" between and our providers.

Our team gets all fresh ingredients for our Greek hands on cooking lessons from selected local producers and local markets. We try to include also products and flavours from all around Greece thus giving to our guests the full taste experience of Greece.
All our Greek hands on cooking lessons are based on seasonality, which means that especially for vegetables and fish we select them at their best.

It is in our plans also to include visits to our local farmers to see first hand how what comes into our plates produces
We strive to provide the best cooking classes when it comes to the use of quality ingredients and service. 


About is a team of food enthusiasts who share the same passion for Greek cuisine and greek food.

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